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tv   Talking Movies  BBC News  March 19, 2017 3:30am-4:01am GMT

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mggigieng have been gaging {ribgtg —— chuck berry, who has died at the age of ninety. the singer and guitarist was known worldwide for his many hit songs, including roll over beethoven, sweet little sixteen and johnny b goode. china's president xi is due to meet us secretary of state rex tillerson in beijing for talks about the military threat from north korea. state media in the north says the country has successfully tested french prosecutors say a man who was shot dead by security forces at a paris airport was trying to grab a soldier's weapon. the police say the man was radicalised while in prison for drugs offences and was known to the intelligence services. an anti—terror investigation is under way. now tom brook has all the latest news and reviews from the world of cinema in this special edition of talking movies.
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in today's programme, the festival's opening night film from a visionary american director. ice/siteen—e $555?! 6 l??? politically charged times. americanmu slim and ralscszthe avezage! american mexican immigrant. "the most hated woman in america".
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a rat nibbled the egg and let the light in. overwhelms the city. this year. the nine=da¥ film portion!
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!t is very mucha legislate, —— , ,, ,, by rooney mara and ryan gosling. portrayed by michael fassbender. i play somebody who is sort of trying to find some sort gf transcendence. in. a may " ' a very powerful, very wealthy visually arresting, lots of voice—over monologues
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from the actors, little conventional dialogue. é see”? “fit?“tfif? ' mahks aftfirs are féfféifiiii" — he is so brilliant and so... he makes beautiful films. what is interesting absut— terr¥ = from what the usual formula is. a different formula and i think that's the interesting partlv because he withdrew
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since his award—winning 2011 picture, the tree of life,
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